What Patients Say

Just a short note to thank you and all your first-class team for all the professional, kind and efficient treatment I received during my recent hospital stay.

Michael, Dec 2021

Thank you for carrying out my hernia repair.  I feel very fortunate and grateful to have received this procedure during these difficult times and look forward to an illness-free stress-free Christmas

Alan, Dec 2021

Very many thanks for the first class job you did in carrying out my hernia repair. Post operation I made a good recovery, was able to exercise a little the following day, and made a rapid recovery over the following days.  I am delighted with the outcome.

I also wish to thank the staff who contributed so much to ensure everything went so well during and immediately after the operation.

Richard, Oct 2021

Just to say thank you for your very kind, prompt, thoughtful and comprehensive care that you gave to my wife.

david, march 2021

I’d like to thank all of you for your splendidly professional care and kindness during my recent varicose vein operation.

Tim, Oct 2021

Thank you for explaining the procedure to me throughout as you did it. Also, thanks to your team who were with me through everything.

Barbara, Oct 2021

I just felt that I needed to write to tell you how thankful I am to you and your friendly staff for making the whole procedure for my umbilical hernia repair a very calm and professional memory.

Ann, Dec 2021

I have been fortunate enough to be receiving Botox injections for my armpits now for a number of years. I just wanted to thank everyone involved with this amazing procedure that has changed my life. I have suffered so many years with a very uncomfortable embarrassing situation with excessive sweating and it was making me so miserable and I felt undesirable.  This has changed my life and I thought I should tell you how grateful I am to be able to receive the Botox injections.  I am a more confident and happier person now.

amanda, 2021

I would again like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your skill, support and kindness.

Dee, June 2021

I’m just messaging in regards of the wonderful experience I had undergoing a hernia operation recently at the Nuffield hospital. In relation to the tough times we have all been through recently, you looked at me and made me feel safe on my first ever operation.  You gave me back my life to enjoy being a proper Dad to my children who are also very appreciative of the fantastic outcome of my operation.  Doctor Keith Poskitt you are a wonderful man and we need more of you and your wonderful great team. I can not thank you and the nurses enough. You will remain in my heart and my thoughts forever. Sending my appreciation to all of you with a very emotional thank you indeed.

Keith, June 2021

I cannot fault how my whole experience has been, from consultation to procedure and all the care and treatment received. Thank you Mr Poskitt.

Paul, June 2021

Thank you for everything over the last 5 years.

Maurice, 2021

It’s difficult not to appear sycophantic, but this team is truly inspirational, talented, dedicated and simply the best. After that, all I really wish to express is a very inadequate, but sincere “thank you”.

Carole, 2021

Thank you Mr Poskitt for taking such great care of me.

sharon, 2021

Thank you to you and your team for the care and attention during my stay in hospital for my hernia repair.

paul, 2021

Thank you for responding so promptly to my GP’s request. Thanks also for the efforts you went to, to contact me and discuss the clinical  scenario in detail. I do appreciate the time you gave me, in your obviously busy schedule. All is well here but should I have any further problems I won’t hesitate to contact you.

joan, 2021

Thank you very much for my leg surgery. Although I have yet to completely recover from my illness, I just wanted you to know that I am seeing a great improvement. You are truly the best.

nadia, 2021

One of the few highlights of this bizarre year was my stay in hospital under your tender care! I appreciate that you no doubt consider your talents to be “all in a day’s work” but from my point of view, the skills of you and your team are nothing short of wonderful.

bill, 2021

May I thank you for the kind attention you have given me.  I appreciate your kindness and I am glad to have you as my consultant.

Bette, 2021

Thank you for carrying out the operation on my double hernia. I couldn’t have wished for better care.

Philip, Sept 2020

I am eternally grateful for the wonderful treatment you and your colleagues gave me last Friday……I look forward to seeing you again soon at the Nuffield.

John, Oct 2020

I want to write thanking you, from us both, for all that you have done for me. I so hope that it will give me many more years to walk & where I can, to stand and stare at beauty. At a time when so many people will need your skill and kindness, it was most generous of you to give me so much.

patient, 2020

Words are too small to express my gratitude but please accept my sincere thank you! Your professionalism and passion made me feel safe and ‘go over easier’ through my surgery.

Peter, 2020

We are very grateful for you seeing Mum, it was very generous of you to take so much time and giving her some reassurance.

sue 2020

Thank you all for such professional and caring work that you all undertake. You are all amazing.

alan 2020

I really appreciate all your time, effort and most importantly your surgical skills over the past 2 or so years. When you or your family need surgery it is all about the skill of the surgeon and who you trust that’s important.

karen 2020

We are very grateful for you seeing Mum, it was very generous of you to take so much time and giving her some reassurance.

sue 2020

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